Photographers Wanted for Chingay Parade Singapore 2015!

2014 Chingay Parade Finale


[Updated: 13 Jan 219][Apply Now] Official Chingay Photographers/Assistants for Chingay Parade Singapore

In celebration of SG50, the biggest and grandest street parade, Chingay 2015 themed “We Love SG”(我们爱新加坡), will be presented by 11,000 beautiful multi-cultural performers. For four years and now entering into my fifth year covering Chingay Parade as an official photographer, I am looking for dynamic, creative and highly skilled photographers to join our top team. 


  • Possess at least one DSLR camera (2 camera bodies preferred), a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens
  • Must be available on 7 Feb (7pm to 11pm), 14 Feb (7.30pm to 11.30pm), 26 Feb (8pm to 12am), 27 Feb (8pm to 12am), 28 Feb (8pm to 12am) and 1 Mar (8pm to 12am) 2015.
  • Must be willing to work in a fast-paced environment, work within tight deadlines and adapt to last minute changes and/or instructions.
  • Willing to submit all pictures right after the end of each event.
  • Amateur photographers with the right learning attitude are also welcome to apply.
  • Must be willing to fill up a security screening form once you are shortlisted.

Deadline to apply: 28 Dec 2014 before 2359hrs (Did I just mention something about tight deadline? :P)

You will receive another email from me once you are shortlisted and you need to submit the security screening details (personal and work) to us by 30 Dec 2014 before 2359hrs or your application will be disqualified.

Shortlisted photographers will be required to pass 2 to 3 stringent selection tests before they are accepted into the team.


Let’s hear what Lawrence Tan, one of our official Chingay photographers for 2014, got to say about his photography experience.

“This year’s Chingay will go down as the most memorable one for me. Family members in the spectator stands, daughter in the ballerina contingent, and me as the official Chingay 2014 photographer.

I was honored to be selected by Justin to join his team to cover this event after having passed 3 stringent selection tests conducted by him.

He was detailed in his briefings, making sure all photographers know their roles and coverage.

After each rehearsal, he would review our photos, provide feedbacks so we could improve for the subsequent rehearsals, and eventually the actual days.

Justin is a firm and responsible photographer with the primary objective to give his clients the best of the best. 

He set high standards for himself and his team. He is foresighted, and was never selfish to share his short-term plans and goals, thus inspiring us to do better too.

In this Chingay, to encourage us to give our best, he organised a friendly competition among the official photographers.

I have to say the winner of the competition was handsomely rewarded, and rightfully so with his awesome shots that brought out the essences of the Chingay.

The announcement of the competition winners was done over a sumptuous dinner treated by Justin where he once again shared with us the feedbacks from the client (People’s Association).

For those enthusiastic photographers who want to join Justin’s team in the next Chingay as official photographers, first of all you must have the passion in photography, willing to learn and accept criticisms. You must be committed throughout the course, and give your best. The responsibilities now fall on you to bring out the essence of Chingay 2015.

Well, I am glad to know Justin, and look forward to more collaboration with him in the upcoming events.”




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