[Event Photos] Introduction to Astrophotography in Kuala Lumpur

More than 150 strong crowd braved the crazy traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur on 12 March 2014 (Wednesday), with a few of them coming from Singapore, and arrived in Swiss Garden Hotel on time to help make my debut astrophotography talk a resounding success! The plan was to host just 30 pax initially and we have prepared more than 50 chairs just in case but we knew we needed many more chairs 15 minutes prior the talk as we saw more participants coming in. Hotel staffs were quick to fill the room with the chairs to try to get everyone seated just so the talk can commence in time. The two hours talk didn’t felt that long because of the positive responses, laughter and interactions from the curious crowd, which turned a potentially boring talk into a memorable one. I will definitely want to host my next talk in KL again! The above Carina Nebula image was published in my Facebook wall on the same day morning before I flew to KL to host my talk in the evening. Check out the event pictures taken by Jay Gonzales Fuerzas!


ONE FC staffs helping out at the reception

IMG_95283 pretty ONE FC staffs helping out and supporting the talk!

IMG_9526The early birds who arrived as early as 7pm !

IMG_9530The room was packed 10 minutes prior the talk and more chairs were added.

IMG_9532Addressing the crowd just 5 minutes prior the talk while waiting for the rest to settle down

IMG_9543Commencement of my debut astrophotography talk at 8pm !

IMG_95458.04pm – Sim, See Ming and 6.5 years old Max sitting on the floor for 2 hours!

IMG_3589 copy8.04pm – Room filled with laughter

IMG_95578.17pm – Sharing my northern lights adventure in Alaska!

IMG_95708.44pm – My youngest participant Max (6.5 years old) having fun on the floor

IMG_3621 copy8.55pm – An hour had almost past and the audience was still looking good!

IMG_3633 copy9.20pm – Door was opened as I guessed the room was a little warm after almost 90 mins into the talk

IMG_3646 copy9.30pm – Participant spotted taking notes

IMG_3648 copy9.33pm – Participants still looking good!

IMG_3649 copy9.33pm – Mixed reactions from the crowd

IMG_3651 copy9.36pm – Participants still looking good

IMG_958110pm – Ended my astrophotography talk on time !

IMG_958410.02pm – Mingling with the crowd

IMG_959510.07pm – Finally I can relax!!!

I am really grateful to all photography enthusiasts who have helped made the talk successful, fun and memorable!!! Many thanks to ONE FC for sponsoring the venue, helping out and supporting the talk ! I left KL with a heavy heart and I really can’t wait to host my next event in KL soon! Thank you all once again!

Let’s hear from the participants below !

Absolutely entertaining yet informative talk! The talk absolutely opened up my mind, as well as expectation on astrophotography.  The charm and humor of the speaker made the session informal, yet lively.  Last but not least, the experience of the speaker was where it shines. The fantastic photos and videos that were shared on the session were mind blowing.  All in all, the session was amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! – Derrick

We were so glad we braved the traffic jam and made it to your talk. We were very enthused by your passionate drive for astrophotography and were constantly amazed by the beautiful pictures and timelapses you shared. Your sense of humour also made the talk very entertaining. Best of all, Max, our 6.5 year old and the youngest in the room came home with a true fascination for nebulae and other celestial treasures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please let us buy you dinner the next time you are in Kuala Lumpur. – Sim, See Ming and Max

It is an honor to attend to your talk. Little I know about astrophotography and much more to learn about. It is always my childhood interest on astronomy, planets and galaxy. But there is only a handful of information available locally. Lucky to know there is someone near to share some knowledge. I like the timelapse and the high quality photo displayed. The talk is very interesting, and informative. Nothing from the talk that would bored me. I hope to capture milkyway oneday. – Johnson Lai

If you are looking to bring your photography to the next level, Justin’s Astrophotography proved that sky’s the limit. – Kelvin

The talk is really mind-blowing. It is so informative yet so interesting. – Sanloong

Very inspirational. Enthusiastic and passionate sharing his knowledge. – Hafiz Zainal

The talk is really awesome, laugh all the way till the end. Glad that I participate it. – CH

The talk was great and awesome. The presentation is interesting. Really enjoy it. Hopefully next round can make the talk session longer. – Jayson Liew

It was inspiring, and the sharing of your experience helped bring to perspective the amount of hard work, dedication and difficulty one must be willing to go through in order to succeed. In the end, it was about creating art. – Marvin Michael Kho

It’s been my privilege to be part of your  talk. I would say, it was an awesome, informative,enjoyable talk that I can count on to be part again. Your works and enthusiasm to learn more to your passion in photography inspires me. I just wish that you can help more people in this line of profession and be a living example of what we called, there’s nothing impossible in Life if you put your Heart to what You have Desired most. – Marie

Justin Ng don’t just take a photograph, he makes it so simple for us to appreciate! – Jack Soo

It was a great sharing session. I enjoyed it very much and learned something out of it. I really enjoyed the way you present, well prepared (not like those so called sifu, they never prepare the presentation) and with just nice sense of humor…The best part is your experience sharing, what one need to ready if like to do astrophotography. – Thomas

The talk was good, i learn a lot of new stuff about astrophotography. I just recently started photography because i’m a big fan of taking landscape and astrophotography and your talk came at the right timing. – Jason Lee

The Seminar Introduction to Astrophotography conducted by Justin Ng held at the Lotus 2 hall Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences was indeed a work of dedication and passion. The event was attended by a whole range of Photographers from Professionals to Amateurs and Hobbyists alike, but the environment set by the Speaker (JN) through his witty and whimsical presentation was like a gathering of friends brought about by the common interest – Astrophotography. The Speaker was very humble on presenting his journey on his Professional career as a Photographer and how his passion has led him to improve continuously. The best means of mastering your craft would be through constant practice and countless trials and errors, as did Justin mention on his Seminar. After the whole Seminar was over, I can only say that Justin’s journey, from developing his craft through his international recognitions, is truly inspiring and a dream come true for others. Definitely a person to emulate and look up to, a Professional whose career is already up in the stars but the feet still on the ground. Thanks for inspiring us and sharing us your experiences! I think you can get a bigger venue, you have underestimated your followers 😀 – Dennis Gamma

Your are just great on astrophotography and really open us up on this field. – Richard Lim

Thanks for the eye opening introduction to the astrophotography. I have really learnt a lot from the session itself and it makes the trip from Singapore to KL for this talk all worth it! It was really a nice presentation on astrophotography. Your presentation gives hope to beginner photographers like me to make the impossible pictures possible. – Rezwan Amri

Fantastic talk , truly open my eyes to a new area of photography and still feeling amazed with the sharing from Justin and so grateful for his generosity to share his expert in depth details of his astrophotography journey with us. We need more photographer like him in this industry , definitely ! He is also great speaker that always brought laughter to the audience that makes the talk with friendly and fun atmosphere.  Only comment is we need more chairs next time ! Hope he comes again to kl for another talk session. Great job – Vincent Lee

I like the easy to understand approach to a fairly complex topic on astro photography. Having done some night shots myself as a hobbyist I can appreciate the fact that most people would find it useful. There were a lot of good examples shown that I think impressed the audience involved and most of all it is one thing to watch videos on Vimeo on your own to learn about it and it is quite a difference to hear someone else in person talk about it. – Peng Tuck Kwok

I am very thankful to Justin for his Astrophotography talk. His way of explaining space science concept for photography was done lightheartedly in a manner which was easy to be grasped. He was informative yet amusing at the same time, and the crowd certainly loved that. Most importantly, Justin instilled a sense of motivation in all of us that astrophotography is possible regardless where we are located, even if we are in heavily light polluted cities. Through Justin’s experience, it was an eye opener on what are the directions we can take in the future to develop our skills better. Looking forward to see him in KL again, Thank you Justin! – Nirmell @ Nirphotography

An interesting eye opener session particularly on milky way, timelapse and star trail shots….  and the deep space pictures are simply amazing. I now know that it is possible to take milky way shots in town! – Aidil

My hat’s off to Justin, for him to have achieve such level of competencies and expertise in such a short span of 2 years.  It’s such dedication which reignites my passion for photography.  The tiny bits of gems that Justin shared are obviously not to be found anywhere except thru his hardship endured experience. – Chew Seng Cheong

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