Astrophotography Tours and Workshops

Tour Date: Flexible (NEW)

The long awaited Singapore night photography tour is finally a reality! Led by internationally acclaimed and one of the top astrophotographers in the world, Justin Ng, you will travel to less touristy locations in a luxurious limousine to shoot the elusive Milky Way that’s obscured by extreme light-pollution and join the privileged few to leave with never-before-seen images of Singapore in this unique astrophotography tour. Find out more.

Tour Date: 4 May 2024 to 6 May 2024 (NEW)

Justin’s remarkable ability to transform pictures into immortalised moments started from a humble trip to Mount Bromo in 2012. The iconic mountain was initially only well-known for its beautiful sunrises, but his 12-day journey sparked a slew of stunning captures of the incredible Milky Way, turning the faint hazy bundle of light into a vividly glowing masterpiece. Find out more.

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