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Milky Way and Venus in Singapore

This is probably the first timelapse movie of Milky Way ever filmed in mainland Singapore on 28 February 2014 because the major city is known for its heavy light polluted skies and it is not surprising that many people would think it’s impossible to capture these images here. This movie aims to prove the popular belief wrong and it hopes to inspire more astrophotographers residing in heavily light polluted cities to try to unveil the beauty of the elusive Milky Way Galaxy


Or check out another version of my timelapse edited by Space.com!


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The images in the timelapse movie were stretched to show the elusive Milky Way Galaxy so it appears noisy but its individual frame doesn’t look as bad and the noise can actually be managed. The light pollution below can also be resolved using a filter but I don’t have it with me at the time of filming the timelapse and if I were to use it, I will have to introduce extra steps to bring out the details of the trees. The quality of the night sky timelapse filmed under a heavily light polluted skies can never beat those taken in dark rural places but if you do try hard enough, you will be rewarded with unique night sky images, once thought to be impossible to photograph.

Milky Way Galaxy and Venus in Singapore

Another single exposure shot of a lonely tree and Milky Way Galaxy taken nearby on 28 February 2014.

If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur on 12 March 2014, you may wish to join my debut astrophotography talk in Swiss Garden Hotel.

The story was also published in Space.com, EarthSky, Universe Today, New York Daily News and Yahoo! News Singapore

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