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Milky Way Galaxy and Venus in Singapore


My dream to capture the beautiful milky way galaxy has finally turned into a reality on the last day of February 2014 when the monsoon season is over. Milky Way images of major city like Singapore are rare due to its heavy light pollution. While Singapore is known for its heavy light pollution and many people believe it’s impossible to shoot stars and the elusive milky way in this city but all hope is not lost yet!  Contrary to popular belief star trails and milky way photography are possible in Singapore if you know how and when to shoot them and I will be covering these in my debut astrophotography talk in Kuala Lumpur on 12 March 2014.


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This is a single exposure shot of Milky Way Galaxy and Planet Venus rising from the horizon before dawn in Singapore, not a  composite and no blending. The light pollution near the horizon was also apparent. After some post processing efforts, this is what we can get in Singapore. The color cast can be removed in post too but I thought I should just leave it so you have some idea on how it’s like shooting milkyway under a light polluted sky.

Check out the Milky Way timelapse filmed in mainland Singapore on the same night.

Milky Way and Venus in Singapore

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